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A lot of students are confused between choosing Current Affairs Classes vs the Epic Magazine.

In this article, we will tell you the difference between the two.

First, the Epic! Magazine is a monthly current Affairs Magazine. It comes Monthwise and records major news for Mains and Prelims. The Current Affairs Classes on the other hand are Mains Focussed Issue Based Classes for respective Mains and Prelims.

The CA Classes also try to provide value addition, by way of content differentiation and is useful for two kinds of candidates.

One, who do not have a reading background of Current Affairs for 1-2 Years. The classes help them get a complete picture of issues, rather than them learning it through subsequent issues and development. So for example, while monthly magazines provide an update on India – Russia Ties, the CA Classes not only have an update but the whole backgrounder so that a candidate can answer any question on the issue.

Two, candidates who are seeking marks / rank improvement. CA Classes are very focussed classes aiming to (a) cut the clutter and (b) ensure that you end up with only one handout per issue so that you do not have an ocean of information, but only meaningful content that will help you in answer writing.

Which one should you choose?

This decision has to be completely made by you, and you cannot outsource that decision to anyone else. Epic! is a free initiative. CA Classes are premium and paid initiative that involve Delhi’s Top Faculty for Current Affairs. You will know the difference when you attend the classes. Sometimes, you may be a complete novice and you may not appreciate the exam orientation of the classes – because it takes a Mains experience to do so – and it is Okay for you to feel that. We recommend taking classes and reducing preparation time, if you can afford it.