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  1. You have just created an App or a website. You are looking for traffic. Don’t Post Links on ForumIAS
  2. You are excited by a new Whatsapp Group or Telegram Group or Channel. You want to spread the news to enlighten a million people. Don’t post Telegram Links on ForumIAS
  3. You are unhappy with your coaching as a student or as an employee. You want to threaten/ blackmail / arm twist them by posting negative reviews on Forumias. Don’t post Coaching Reviews on ForumIAS.
  4. You plan to join a course and need “20 people to share the cost”.  Do not create cost sharing threads on ForumIAS or seek such things.
  5. You want to spread awareness about Caste discrimination in society. You think that Higher Caste people have exploited lower caste people/ vice versa. Don’t spread such awareness on ForumIAS. Avoid caste and politics on this forum.
  6. You think that Reservation Policy and Affirmative Action / SC ST Act is used by some people to threaten members of other castes higher in social hierarchy. Do not create a comment / thread on ForumIAS.
  7. You think that Kashmir people need to be taught by armed forces. Don’t create a thread on ForumIAS. In case you feel that people should teach a lesson to security forces, again, don’t create content on ForumIAS.
  8. You think that women misuse laws to punish men. Don’t create such threads on ForumIAS ( apart from academic content ) . You think that feminism threatens the society? Don’t create content to raise awareness on these issues.
  9. You had a fight with your landlord and want to defame him by publishing his personal information. Do not create a thread on forumias.
  10. You are part of a social movement and want to spread awareness about it. Don’t create a thread on ForumIAS
  11. You want to start a new Initiative on telegram / Whatsapp or a kickass social media app. Don’t post links on Forum

ForumIAS is knowledge network for preparation for exams conducted by the Union Public Service Commission.

When you create certain content on ForumIAS, everyone thinks that Forum is for that type of content and it attracts more such content. So if you want post links / spam / telegram links / coaching reviews, soon it will drive away people who post academic doubts / preparation hacks and will attract those people who are interested in 1-10.