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ForumIAS Academy sends two kinds of emails

#1 Transactional Emails :

These emails are with respect to the following

  • Classroom Schedule Update
  • Course Addition
  • New Lesson Addition in a Course
  • When an agent replies to your ticket etc.
  • Fee Payment and other support related issues.

All such emails are sent from “”  Please ensure that you have added“” to your safe mailing list. Please read the article below for how to add an email to your safe mailing list.

#2 Updates about Events , New Programs :

These emails may slightly be promotional in nature. That is – they are used to update our members of new courses and events. They may contain

  • New Course Announcements
  • Any Good Articles We might want you to read
  • Events that ForumIAS may Organise.

All such emails will be sent from “”. Please add this to your safe mailing list in case you want to receive emails from us about new courses and events.