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The program is divided into 4 stages covering the lifecycle of Civil Services preparation.

Phase 1: This is the first phase of the program. In this Phase, the focus is on developing the right concepts, newspaper reading habits, learning how to “scourge” or filter what is important and what is not, making notes of static topics, and covering the basics.

Phase 2: In Phase 2 of the Program, students are introduced to Mains Oriented classes covering important Current Issues across Paper 1,2,3. Selective topics that are important for the Mains examination is done through weekly Current Affairs Classes. These classes are supposed to be taken after the basics are done, as there is a significant expectation of basic static concept coverage before we commence with this.

Phase 3: In Phase 3 of the Program, the students are geared for the Prelims Examination exclusively. In this phase, students are supposed to revise whatever they have done in Phase 1 and gear up for the actual competition. Candidates will be required to attempt Tests in a highly competitive and disciplined environment at 7 AM in the morning. In addition, candidates will be expected to cover Level 1 of expected Current Affairs issues from Mains perspective. Level –2 of Current Affairs for Mains Perspective (will be covered in Phase 4)

Phase 4:  In this phase of the Program, candidates commence with a special focus on three things exclusively – Answer Writing in Time Bound Tests, Coverage of Issues Important for upcoming Mains, and Essay. Depending on the Cohort the candidate is admitted to, additional classes focussed on Mains may also be held at this time. Before the final Mains examination, candidates are required to simulate the Mains examination over a period of 4 days, before writing the actual Mains examination.