What is the scope of Mentorship in MGP?

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MGP Mentorship scope is

  • Limited to the Copy that has been evaluated
  • Guiding students on how to write better answers
  • Scope of improvement in their existing answers
  • Content Guidelines for their answers
  • Presentation, Structuring etc.

MGP Mentorship scope is NOT for

  • Dealing with personal issues, dealing with anxiety
  • Dealing with prelims strategy
  • Dealing with a year long strategy where adequate self study is not done.

There are two specific things we want to tell you.

  • It is not possible to have a strategy when studying at the student’s end is not done. Mentorship cannot be given in a vacuum where self study at the student end is not done.
  • We provide community support for assistance beyond the scope of MGP. Visit https://forumias.com for such support.