Why is my ForumIAS MGP Copy delayed?

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Here are some reasons why your MGP Copy may be delayed.

  • Your MGP Copy is supposed to be checked and given away within 12-15 days if you have submitted your copy on the day of the test release. In case you have submitted it after a delay of 2-3 weeks or more, your copy is likely to be delayed.
  • You have not filled up the correct role number ( which is 10 digit, of the format 191 XXXX XXX ) in the MGP Booklet before submission. This is the reason for the delay behind 60% of copies.
  • You have not correctly uploaded ( such as the file is corrupted, etc. or the file is not in PDF format.  )  the MGP Copy in the online portal ( If you are an online student ).

However, in case your copy is delayed beyond 12-15 days, you can raise a ticket for the same, and we will resolve this.