What is ForumIAS ( Beta )?

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ForumIAS is a an integrated peer-to-peer and mentor- to student e-learning platform for Civil Services Preparation. It is in its initial development phase. The words beta denote that the software is still in development phase.

Objectives of Beta

  • To provide the benefits of a discussion platform for CSE aspirants
  • To let users personalise their wall, they can choose what they want to see
  • To let users follow Groups, Channels and Pages to aid in the preparation
  • To let users ignore other users whom they may find offensive or intrusive
  • To integrate e-learning with Social Networking

How is it different from Discuss & Quest

ForumIAS Beta is different from Quest & Discuss – which are just forums having a fixed front page. Beta provides for personalisation. Also Instant Messaging just like modern messaging apps is also what makes beta different.