What is the difference between Groups, Channels & Page?

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A Group is what it is. A group of people.

Groups provide many to many, two way communication. Anyone can create posts and reply with comments in a Group.

Channels provide one to many, one-way communication. Only mods can create posts. No comments are allowed by followers. While in a Group, anyone from the group can post, in a channel only channel admins can post. Followers of a channel can only view the content of the channel.

Page provides one to many communication with the difference that pages are always public. A Page is an address of any initiative. All Pages are Publicly visible. Anyone can follow them and receive updates on their wall or in email.

But Groups and Channels can of three types :Public, Private and Secret

  • Public Groups are publicly visible and any logged in user can join. No permission is required.
  • Private Groups are publicly visible groups, but joining them requires permission. Private Groups owners can invite their friends who are on ForumIAS Beta Website or by sharing the group link.
  • Secret Groups are like private groups, with the difference that they are not publicly listed. Secret Group Owners can invite their friends by sharing the group link.
  • My Groups are the groups created by you. You are the admin of the Group.