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It is likely at some point, you may have a grievance that your content has been removed from ForumIAS Community by a modetor.

Content is removed when it fails three tests

  1. Test of Utility : The Content is not useful to anyone expect the perceived utility seen by the creator.
  2. Test of Truthfulness : Content is not truthful and has only partial truth and equal amount of falsity.
  3. Truth of Verifiability : When the content cannot be verified to be true or false.

Apart from these content will be removed when any reason given below is satisfied

  • Violation of ForumIAS community rules
  • Making personal remarks, hate speech, provoking other users
  • Spamming-Bulk messaging, clickbait, Paid review, promotional links, spam links
  • Wrong posting- Posting in a wrong thread repeatedly, Creating unnecessary threads
  • Indecent behavior-vulgarity, nudity, inappropriate messages, images, documents.
  • It is a coaching review
  • When a pirated material is sought or offered
  • When a defamatory material is published to attract attention
  •  When sensationalism is used to draw attention
  • When Academy Grievances are posted without emailing them at helpdesk@forumias.academy first.