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We do not encourage Coaching Reviews on public threads on this platform. This is because.

#0 This Platform was built with the purpose for providing a platform for peer to peer learning.

#1 There is an inherent conflict of Interest as this platform also has an Academy. This platform is being run Ad Free from revenues generated by the Academy. A significant amount of resources of the Academy are diverted to keep this platform running.

#2 It is likely that Opinions provided here maybe biased in favour of ForumIAS Academy because (a) given the subjective nature of opinions and (b)   large number of our students using this platform. As of March 2020, the number of users on Academy vs the number of Users on Community is 4:1

#3 In case the reviews are against the Academy, it vitiates the atmosphere as teachers / Teaching Assistants / Staff Members who teach at the Academy are required in some ways to provide support here. In case of a negative feedback from an anonymous source, which seeks not a resolution, but merely defamation, it becomes difficult to take classes in front of an audience continuously rating you.

#4 In case of negative feedbacks towards other coachings / Teachers / Faculty , it creates a sense of unfair business practices by this platform. It also reduces trust of other teachers, who are not a part of the academy, on this platform.

#5 Coaching Reviews attract a lot of coaching people, PR people, marketing guys and all that. This draws unnecessary attention to this platform. We prefer being an anonymous community for Civil Services preparation. Even if we have a small user base. This also exposes us to litigation on charges of defamation on grounds that certain coachings / teachers are being defamed here for vested interest of ForumIAS Academy or by disgruntled employees of the coachings themselves.

#6 Since we cannot guarantee the authenticity for opinions/ reviews and feedbacks, we try to stay away from it.

#7 Moderation Standards on the Forum are the same as major Community Groups such as “Senior Reading Racoons” on Facebook where authors are not allowed to promote their books.

#8 Most Students see the Community as an extension of the Academy given the large userbase of the community as of 2020. Flooding the Community with anything against the Academy or in favour of other commercial entites helps noone – and attracts the wrong crowd.

You may still follow Top Contributors and seek guidance in private messages however. This also creates other coachings teachers / anyone with any interests whatsoever to contribute meaningfully here without promoting themselves openly. Thus the quality of discussion improves.

Content that is even slightly promotional in nature will be taken down immediately. 

We hope you understand. Please feel free to ask questions or question this policy itself. Help us keep the community clean.