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We know how it feels when your copy is rejected by ForumIAS. The first response is usually of anger.

Here is why your copy is rejected.

  1. When it is not in the QCA Booklet
  2. When the front page is missing
  3. When there are no margins for the evaluator to put up comments
  4. When your handwriting is very poor and more than 3 evaluators have stated that it is not possible to evaluate your copy.

Here are some examples of rejected copies which are sent at ForumIAS

Note: A lot of people reach out to us asking why copies not having the front page are rejected. The issue is that copies not having a front page, are likely to be lost, once printed. This is the risk that we have even after evaluation. We tried accommodating without a front page, but we ended up with a few dozens of copies, which were checked, but were not sent because we did not know who to send it to.